Frequently Asked Questions

We use Alumilite resin exclusively in all of our products.

Alumilite blanks are much more forgiving than other types of blanks on the lathe. Alumilite is a urethane resin and will produce satisfying ribbons when turning with sharp tools on the lathe. Alumilite blanks are easy to drill and polish to a fantastic shine!

We use both! Mica powder tends to provide the pearl effect in a blank while pigments are typically a solid color with little pearl effect. Some blanks only have mica powders, some have only pigments, and some have a combination of both!

Maybe! The product photos shown on this website are meant to be representative of the product you could receive. Every pen blank we’ve ever made is part of a small batch and is 100% unique. The colors will be identical, but every blank will have a different pattern. We take painstaking notes in an attempt to make the blanks as similar as possible from batch to batch.

Send me an email and I will move the blank you are looking for to the top of my restock list! There will also be a “Join the Waitlist” button in the bottom right hand corner of product pages that are out of stock. If you click that button, you can sign up to receive an email reminder when a product is restocked!

We love hearing your ideas for custom blanks! To start a discussion about a custom blank, you can use the Contact Us form or send us an email at

Our jumbo kitless pen blanks measure 7/8” in diameter with 12” of length. These are great for larger sized kitless or bespoke pens! You can also use them on many different turning projects including ice cream scoops, bottle openers, kitchen utensils, and many other interesting kits. Just be sure to check your instructions first to verify the size of the blank you need.

99% of in stock orders will ship within 1 business day. We strive to ship quickly so you can get your hands on your products as fast as possible!

We love our customers outside of the United States! Customers are responsible for all duties, taxes, and other international shipping related expenses.